Revolutionising Driving Experience

Car technology development has primarily improved the mechanical and electrical capabilities of vehicles but does not address the in-car driver and passenger experience. We believe the next level of driving experience will be met through intelligent and assistive services such as an in-car concierge service. Pushing the boundary even further, the in-car concierge application potentially could recognise and learn the behaviour of the driver and its passengers over time to provide a deeper level of assistive and safer commute.

Vehicle On Board Device (OBD) based solutions are improving the driver experience today but only partially. On the other hand, today’s smartphones have the ability to provide safe, more intelligent and assistive services thereby revolutionising the experience of driving.

We are looking for innovative smartphone solutions that provide safe and non-distracting services, which could include:

  1. Driver assist services providing useful contextual information (like petrol deals, options), availability of services (such as parking spaces, car washes etc.) and real-time traffic information, in ways which maintain safe driving
  2. Instant feedback based on driver style to promote safer, economic and responsible driving
  3. Ability to remotely locate, track and control (lock, unlock, start etc.) the vehicle

If you are currently working on such innovative solutions, which can be deployed in the next 12 months, we would like to hear from you.


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