Next Generation Visual Reconstruction

Are you inspired by the movie Minority Report? Have you always imagined yourself crafting cutting-edge technologies? Then we invite you to participate in this project!

Accurately identifying suspects or rogue vehicles has always been a challenge for the authorities. That’s because still images captured by the public or snapshots from public cameras only provide a very singular view of an object or a person. CCTV feeds, on the other hand, offer panoramic, high-angled views to render 2D visuals that lack the depth needed for accurate representations of actual objects and people in public areas.

To that end, we are looking to explore solutions that will enable us to enhance the visual representations of people and vehicles captured from existing videos and images. This will enable the authorities to ascertain suspects or rogue vehicles and take the necessary actions against offenders.

If you are currently working on similar solutions, come connect with us and, together, we can bring your innovation to the next level of product maturity.


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