Enhancing Traffic and Infrastructure Planning

Are you looking to transform cities into futuristic, highly efficient and safe living spaces for the next generation? Then this project is the perfect fit.


Being people-centric is the key to creating safe, efficient and user-friendly public spaces and transportation systems. That’s why having a keen understanding of crowd behaviour and human and a traffic movement is essential. Armed with such information, urban planners can optimise traffic and infrastructure planning to ensure crowd control and clear traffic flow during emergencies.

To that end, we are looking to identify and develop smart solutions that can capture real-life behaviour of crowds and vehicles, and interpret the data to predict behaviours in different scenarios. For instance, data such as crowd and vehicle movement, dwell time and crowd flow can be used to improve urban infrastructure and traffic planning, emergency evacuation training and events planning.

If you are currently working on similar solutions and are eager to bring your innovation to the next level of product maturity, we invite you to participate in this project.


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