Driving Innovative Network Utilisation

Do you have an inspirational idea that could help improve the usage of network resources? Or a solution to enhance the Quality-of-Experience (QoE) for internet users during peak network traffic and/or to increase utilisation during off-peak periods? Then this is the ideal project for you!


With the increase in the consumption of data-intensive services on smart devices, service providers are facing a traffic imbalance where peak hour network traffic is substantially higher than that of off-peak hours. This has led to customers experiencing varying service qualities at different times of the day from the same service, resulting in an inconsistent experience and customer dissatisfaction. To cope with the ever-increasing traffic, service providers are looking to adapt and enhance their infrastructures.

With this in mind, we are looking to explore innovative network utilisation solutions that can improve QoE during peak hours and/or maximise the utilisation of capacity during non-peak hours.

If you are currently working on similar solutions and are eager to bring your innovation to the next level of product maturity, we invite you to participate in this project.


Singtel - Singapore