Developing Smart Detection Of Impending Major Incidents

Do you have an innovative solution that can detect systemic failures and quickly identify the cause of the failure? Then this project is the perfect match.


Today’s communication networks require the seamless operation of multiple network devices to ensure that every offered service runs smoothly. Unfortunately, from time to time, critical failures or incidents may arise and impact the performance of these services. When such incidents occur, the ability to quickly identify the cause of the failure is crucial. Armed with the right tools and data, the operations team will thus be better equipped to deal with such incidents effectively.

In line with this, we are exploring possible solutions that will enable organisations to quickly detect systems or infrastructure failures. Solutions can range from focussing on early detection of potential failures to detecting faults as they happen. The former will enable organisations to conduct preventive maintenance while the latter will enable operations teams to identify the root cause quickly and accurately, and take the necessary steps to mitigate the situation.

If you are currently working on similar solutions and are eager to play a part in our day-to-day operations, we invite you to participate in this project.


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