Delving Into Drone Detection and Management

Do drones fascinate you? Are you keen to be at the frontier of this new technology? Then this is the ideal project for you.

Drones are used in a diverse number of fields, including commerce, aerial photography, land surveillance and search and rescue operations. However, despite their growing popularity, there are still many concerns about their usage.

Beyond the issues of privacy, the deployment of drones can pose hazardous risks to aircraft and cause serious injuries in a collision. Its potential ability to be used in organised crime is also a major cause of concern for authorities.

With this in mind, we hope to identify and develop solutions that can:

  • Secure protected areas from drone activity. These areas can include sensitive buildings such as army bases and data centres or venues where sensitive events such as National Day parades or international events hosting foreign dignitaries are being held.
  • Monitor drone movement in real time and effectively manage any risk of intrusion via a non-destructive method
  • Determine the profile and risk factors of drones, detect any violations and track the offending drone operator
  • Factor in the implications of local laws and regulations, which may differ from country to country

If you are currently working on similar solutions and are eager to bring your innovation to the next level of product maturity, we invite you to participate in this project.


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