Boosting Micro-Services Lifecycle through Cloud Containers

Are you looking to deliver the next big innovation in Cloud? Then this project is for you.

Web-first or cloud-first applications are developed and deployed in small chunks using micro-services architecture. These micro-services utilise container technology, which provides ease of development, assists in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and aids in deployment activities throughout the application lifecycle.

However, enterprise developers face significant challenges in getting these micro-services to run reliably when they start to migrate their applications from one cloud environment to another. As such, cloud portability is key. With this, business owners can enjoy the flexibility of switching cloud service providers easily and managing their cloud services according to their operational needs.

We are looking to explore fast and reliable cloud containerisation/migration solutions that will enable users to containerise, develop and migrate their applications between private and public clouds and hypervisors. The solution should be compatible with mainstream public cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Aliyun, OpenStack as well as other leading public and private cloud technology providers like VMware and Microsoft.

If you are currently developing similar solutions and are eager to bring them to the next level of product maturity, then we invite you to participate in this project.


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