Boosting Communication with Enterprise Customers

Do you have an innovative solution that can improve communication with enterprise customers during critical junctures? Then we want to hear from you.


Providing a good customer experience is critical to running a successful enterprise business. Integral to this experience is keeping the customers updated when major incidents that have a critical impact on business occur and assuring them that efforts are being taken to solve the issues. This is what lies at the heart of this project.

We are looking for cutting-edge innovations that can provide relevant and timely updates for customers during critical periods, which can range from major incidents such as crises or regular customer feedback. The ideal solution must be able to keep the customer apprised of an issue throughout the entire duration, from the moment the issue is reported to the second that it is resolved. In developing the solution, you need to ensure that it is user-friendly and capable of delivering accurate updates in a timely manner.

Already working on similar solutions and eager to play a part in transforming the day-to-day operations of enterprise businesses? We invite you to participate in the programme!


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